06 September 2013

The People Have Spoken and They Declare for Hot Jams

Big Cheese comments on that mix embedded in previous post below from WORLD FAMOUS DJ TIESTO:

simply world class, truly exceptional. I actually hate the first track [ed: Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn remix)] cuz its so good I cant get it out of my head. I have listened to this at least 15 times through. 

Agreed. It's one of those things that if someone told you how great it was you wouldn't believe it. But: here it is, and damn. Plus that first track is the hot jam. HOT LIKE FIRE. So good. Am I supposed to dance? Sing along? Makes me want to dance but slow, with intensity, like I mean it.

As usual I'm the last one to hear it (2.4 million plays on soundcloud, 4.7 million on youtube), but I figure to add another 200 or so all on my own. Can't stop won't stop.

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