22 September 2013

14 days, 8 flights, 6 drives, 2 trips, 1 hangover

I've been out of town.
Big wedding (and some big responsibility for yours truly, well handled if I say so myself - and I do - more on that later) for Ze Newbs and Mrs. Ze Newbs, followed by a short turnaround and a launch to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. A fun, surprisingly emotional journey, if you're asking.

After the wedding I spent a week at Pranamar for a yoga retreat, which is really just shorthand for a Costa Rican vacation that includes yoga. My vacation also included quite a lot else, so more on that later too.

To summarize, in the past week I have styled my hair with some combination of the following every day:
  1. Fresh water (river)
  2. Fresh water (shower) 
  3. Fresh water (pool)
  4. Fresh water (rain)
  5. Salt water (Pacific ocean)
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Bug spray (surprisingly effective as a styling product)
  8. Wind
  9. ATV helmet
  10. Sweat
  11. Hat
  12. Sun

Big congrats to the Ze Newbs's. I'll have a rundown of that and also my trip in a day or two.

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