26 January 2008

the psychology of love

I have long told my friends (and self) that it's not about the girls you like, it's about the girls that like you. easier said than done, but logically it makes sense.

this short article over at scientific american suggests that there is an evolutionary advantage to infatuation ("crazy love"), in that it demonstrates possible long-term commitment to a partner. and that's good, says the scientist, because from a reproductive-advantage standpoint it indicates that the person won't trade up later on. In other words, it's not about about the girls you like, etc., etc. you can read the explanation here:


in other news, this video may or may not have caused a stirring in my loins.

lolcats picture courtesy of icanhascheezburger, which I hear is cute and funny but I wouldn't know because I've only been to that website by accident. seriously.

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