24 January 2008

housebuilding in mexico is the new housebuilding in the US

I spent this past weekend building a house in TJ for a needy family. super good times with some of my favorite peeps. plus all the cool people were doing it. we went down with a group from Amor Ministries (warning: website has too much flash, bold text, and christian buzzwords).

it takes 2.5 days to build up a house from bare slab to stucco'd home w/ locking doors and windows. it's a lot easier to put a place together than in the US, but these places are warm (2 coats of stucco!) and hopefully water tight. the typical house in the area is 4 garage doors nailed together with a tin roof, so a place like this is pretty nice.

I have a bunch of photos of pretty girls (on the work team), the family/kids we built the house for, and puppies, but you get some pix of me instead. Who wants to look at pictures of pretty girls doing hard work for charity? BORRRRIIIIIIING.

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