25 March 2016

Mocked and Forgotten: The White Working Class

Politics in America are more divisive than ever, in part because people that have been voting against their interests (the white working class) are finally, after generations of getting shit on by business-friendly GOP politics, noticing that maybe they should consider other candidates. Of course supporting a candidate that you loathe for whatever reason (he's black, she's a woman, he's a 'socialist') is unattractive for many reasons, not least is that admitting you are wrong about something is not typical human behavior. 

Which brings us to this from Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/mar/24/white-working-class-issues-free-trade-american-south

There's a lot to unpack here, but he opening pull quote "Nothing happened to them..." is astounding in its short-sightedness. Voting Republican happened to them, and continues to happen to them. Reagan happened to them, and a Bush happened to them (three times), and however many congressmen and senators and state government and local government happened to them. Scott Walker continues to happen to them, right now. I would be angry too. Being broke is hell in America.

Hat tip to Jeffy for article, and for being the original recipient of the third paragraph. 

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