26 November 2015

Give Thanks!

Apple and Also Pumpkin Pie, with Whipped Cream
Flying solo for thanksgiving this year. My closest friends are out of town or busy, and although some very kind peeps invited me to come see them they were either too far or I wasn't feeling it. Rather be alone by myself than alone in a room of acquaintances. Being the weird old single alone person is whatever. I do understand how stressful and annoying today can be for people with family so there's no guarantee that having something planned is any better. You know what is better? PIE. Ohhhh yeah. So much pie.

I knew I would be very not busy this year so I scheduled myself in a 'bake and take' class at a local spot. I made a pumpkin and an apple pie. It was fun and surprisingly easy. The only thing that felt wrong was that you don't have to clean anything up - they have assistants do that for you. It kind of weirded me out. I can't remember that anyone has ever helped me clean up after baking, probably because I am not fun to be around in the kitchen.

Already finished the pumpkin pie (burp). Going to give the apple pie away. I'm on a one pie per week ration and the pumpkin was my limit.

Might travel next year when my back is feeling better.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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