01 August 2015

League of Legends: Piglet's Rekt Dance is Boss

Hello readers! Long time no read! I've been busy. I went some places, did some things. More on that in a future post.

When I'm not jetting around our great nation being awesome at my job I spend my free time wondering if my back will stop hurting watching League of Legends on YouTube. More fun than it sounds. Take my word for it.

I wish I were super good at something (anything) so that when I wrecked rekt foolz like Piglet* does here I could do a little dance move to remind myself that I am the shit. Keep your eye on him in the upper right corner.

Some players say that this is disrespectful. I think getting rekt under your own tower in lane is disrespectful. The dance is just to remind you that you got your ass handed to you. If you don't like the way that feels then play better. Plus the dance is funny as hell. Keep on being awesome, Piglet. LoL needs more of this.

* Yes his name is Piglet. How great is that? Pretty great. 

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