11 November 2014

Cray Cray, plus: Gun Control

Crayfish are the Best
I wrote a long post about some personal stuff but when I re-read it I realized it didn't make for a very good read. I mean, it was well written (duh) but it served no purpose aside from boring ego-stroking. Here's the tl;dr: dating is :-/ 

Instead, let's talk about some stuff that makes Republicans flip out: gun control.

Took a CCW Permit class over the weekend. This is a state-mandated sixteen hour course you must complete if you want to get a CCW permit. There were 32 people in the class. Of those 32 I was the best shooter and it wasn't close, mainly because I was one of the only people that actually, you know, had spent some time shooting before. There was one other guy that had taken some training and could shoot, and two other guys that did not have training but could shoot well enough, although their draw and reloads were crap because they never practiced that stuff. Which: hey, you should practice that stuff. Everyone else was so raw and new that they had no idea what they were doing. To be clear: these people are applying for a permit to carry a gun in public spaces.

No one failed the qualification, although the guy next to me qualified only because some of his shots missed the paper at 15 yards. He was literally so bad that he was good.

The class was analogous to the time I got my Class M (motorcycle) driver's license. When I was done I was legally allowed to ride whatever motorcycle I wanted, anywhere I wanted. Based on the testing and qualification I was actually qualified to ride a motorcycle while supervised in a parking lot, during the daytime. Point is, it's too easy to get a motorcycle license, and the qualification for a CCW is too easy. The classroom education is fine - they do a good job with the legal ins and outs of carrying a gun, but if you can't keep the bullets in a 8" circle from THREE YARDS then you are not qualified to carry a gun. A minimum level of competence should be required. If you cannot meet the minimum level of competence then you need to practice more and/or get a gun that you can shoot.

Yeah it's great that the constitution protects your right to own a gun but the government already curtails your constitutional rights if you are a danger to yourself or others. Exercise your right to free speech but do not yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater. Same principle applies here. This is common sense. I am not infringing on any rights except your right to be an unprepared/unqualified asshat that carries a gun around in public. If that's gun control then I'm cool with it. You should be, too.

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Oh, please do share the sad story of your dating life.