28 November 2013

Throwback Thursday: Both Hands by Ani DiFranco (from Living in Clip)

Moved Throwback Tuesday back a couple days this week. This is the live version of Both Hands, from the album Living in Clip. I'm completely disinterested in the rest of the record; this is the only song that I liked. Interestingly it's also the only song on the album where the guitar part had to be re-recorded. It was just too blown out in the original version, so she cut it again. It was recorded in Buffalo, NY and the orchestral arrangement is Doc Severinsen, of Tonight Show fame. 

If memory serves Big Cheese shared this jam with me in 1998. (Related: I am old.) I was still in college, working two jobs, one of which was parking cars on Thanksgiving night and again Thanksgiving day, and Friday on top of that. He drove down to hang out with me for one night so I wouldn't have to spend the time alone. Drove home the next day. It was a great kindness, one of many. The night ended with me listening to this song really loud on repeat. I was still drinking a lot then so it's all a bit fuzzy. (To be fair, that statement is roughly applicable to 1992-2002.) 

Years later, when Big Cheese asked me to teach a yoga class during his wedding weekend, this was one of the first songs I put on the playlist. It was great then and it's great now.

I hope you have a good thanksgiving: do the things you like to do with people you like to do them with.
See you out there.


Anonymous said...

Great post. For some reason it touched my heart so on this Thanksgiving day...

Sweet Katie said...

I haven't heard this song for a very long time, but I still remember all the words. It's very lovely, you're lovely, and your stories are lovely too.

Anonymous said...

that was a lot of fun. And for the record while 'both hands' is hands down be best song on the 2 disc set ("see what I did there"); the rest of the rest of the set is outstanding, 'napoleon' and '32 flavors' in particular.

much love