20 October 2013

Life is Uncertain - Eat a Cookie

The Best
Yeah I repeat myself, but whatever. It is.

This week marks the 8 year anniversary of when I first kicked off this blog. It used to be called something else, but eventually it became GJAW. I got the name from a guy I used to work with back in the day. He would use the expression sarcastically at any time during the week. You kind of had to be there, but I promise it was funny.

So that's 8 years, around 1480 posts (so far), some unquantifiable number of curse words used, knowledge dropped, and time spent. This week I'll take a trip down memory lane and post some of my favorite topics. Or at least the favorites that I remember. Or whatever I can find that still seems somewhat funny after several years.

Cookie Monster is always appropriate. Always.

Special shoutout to Sweet Katie, a long-time Cookie Monster devotee.

Thanks for reading. 


Anonymous said...

blows my mind that it has been 8 years. I am still a freaking child and yet an old man at the same time, yet in the worst ways for both.



Sweet Katie said...

I love cookies, your chocolate chip ones especially, and I truly enjoy shout-outs!